The role of building information modeling in sustainable construction

Building information modeling (BIM) technology and sustainable design strategies have created a new era in sustainability construction. The initial stages of a building’s design and preconstruction are the ideal time to determine the sustainability features.

BIM has made the process fast and less expensive while improving the outcome significantly.

What makes BIM best for sustainable design?

The traditional planning environments like CAD do not allow sustainability analysis in the early phases of design development. Generally, the process of building performance analysis is carried out after the building design and construction documentation is over.

There is no way you can continually evaluate the sustainability features during the design process. Naturally, the outcome is not efficient and the sustainability goals are not properly achieved.

The successfully analyze sustainability in the initial phases, you need a comprehensive collection of data related to the building. Information related to building’s form, context, materials and MEP systems are crucial in determining the sustainability.

BIM can be used to integrate multi-disciplinary information in a single model. You can incorporate sustainability measures over the whole design process using a single program.

BIM is ideal to efficiently design high-performance facilities with the wealth of information that can be superimposed. That’s why many engineers and architects go for BIM consulting before they finalize their design.

Role of building information modeling in sustainable design

You can use BIM for the following aspects of sustainable designing too-

  • Lower energy costs by choosing a good orientation
  • Analyzing the building’s form in order to improve building envelope
  • Achieving water efficiency through water harvesting
  • Daylighting design
  • Energy modeling to lower energy requirements and promoting alternative energy options
  • Promoting use of sustainable materials and aim for lowering material requirement
  • Reducing environmental and carbon footprint by proper logistics management

BIM and sustainable rating systems

BIM is also ideal for creating the necessary documentation for earning state energy ratings. Governments have rating systems for determining the environmental performance of buildings. In Canada, it is called the Leeds, Green Star in Australia, United States Leed and so on.

Points are allotted to a building in various categories like energy and water efficiency, materials and resources, sustainable sites, indoor environmental quality.

With its wealth of information, BIM is the most useful tool to accurately document your sustainable measures and present it to the authorities.

For example, you can directly get schedules of building components from the model to calculate the percentage of recycled material, material reuse or salvage. The model also allows tracking and studying of different design options from one model.

Architects can provide spatial data in the model which geographically tracks the building location and extracts local data like a place, climate, resources, and surrounding systems. It helps the architect understand the challenges and can create a suitable orientation using real coordinates.

You may also have to submit drawings to qualify for the ratings. BIM is better than other 2D software and can create efficient drawings maintaining consistency.


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Parts of effective building management system

A Building Management System is computer controlled equipment that is installed in buildings to monitors different factors which are associated with it. It is a multipurpose hardware and software that is integrated to ensure that air-conditioning, ventilation, power based equipment and electricity is controlled in a manner that suits the inhabitants.  There are certain computer languages which are used to make up the software. Different circuits are used to make up the hardware of the system which works in a coordinated manner. Formerly it was not installed as a vital component of the building. However, it is now being used as one of the major components of buildings. There are certain factors which should be considered before the system is installed. Some of the factors are as under:

Configuration of BMS

It is one of the major factors which are to be considered before the installation is done. It is installed as a part of building services. The company should be well versed in all types and forms of BMS. It is the configuration that makes it possible for the owners to save time, cost and electricity bills. If the configuration is no done properly then the same system can waste energy. The lightening should also be included within the BMS to ensure that the reading it gives is almost accurate. The complete energy consumption is to be properly integrated within BMS to avoid any issue and trouble.

Data collection tools

As BMS is mostly used at the corporate level so proper data related tools should be integrated to make sure that the data collected presents facts. The top management can use this data to determine the future course of action. These tools must also be integrated successfully and properly. From security to digital data and from overall energy performance to HVAC management everything depends upon the BMS. This tool, in turn, depends on data collection tools which are integrated. Proper configuration of these tools is therefore necessary for the functioning.


The BMS is a highly efficient and effective system if it is configured properly. It means that all the related building systems can work effectively if proper reading on BMS is given. There are also certain factors which are minor. Energy efficiency is considered as one of the factors which are blurred when other factors come into play. Efficient BMS has a lot of potential and research is being done to make sure it works best in future. It is however only possible if true potential of BMS is unleashed by making it work properly.


BMS is the future for electrical building services companies as well as it will allow them to take a step further. These companies can make sure that client is guided in the best manner based on data collection from BMS. The need of the hour is to make sure that development of these systems is further fostered. According to some experts, BMS is in the initial phase of development. There is a lot more to come which can only be handled if this initial phase is passed successfully.

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Things You Need to Consider when Buying an Ultrasound Device

All of us suffer from minor pains and backaches. Sportspersons may regularly experience such pain and cramps, and it is not always possible to rush to the doctor’s place or a therapist’s office.

It is extremely convenient to have an ultrasound machine at home for your own use at your convenience. Ultrasonic machines provide one of the safest ways of therapy and have thus been extensively used for such purposes.

They help reach all areas of the body, where other forms of therapy and hot packs may not be able to reach, healing the body from deep within. They also help in improving blood flow and circulation in the body, aiding in the process of essential nutrients and oxygen reaching affected parts of the body. This leads to the body healing faster.

However, like every other thing in the market, there are many ultrasound devices you will find that are meant for home use. And just like for every other thing you buy, you will need to do proper research before you buy a device for your home to get the best results.

So here are some of the things you should have on your checklist while buying ultrasonic devices for your home:

1)    Budget:

This is the most important as it will help you narrow down your hunting margins significantly. Be clear from the start on how much you want to invest in buying one. You can also look for offers and various other discounts to get the device at a lower price.

You can also consider buying on a lease. Decide whether you want to pay in cash or with a card. You should not forget that the most expensive products are not necessarily the best always. Make sure that you get a minimum one-year warranty on the product that you are buying.

2)    Easy usage:

Since you are going to use it at home, it need not be big in size. A portable machine – one that can be easily lifted and doesn’t have much weight is preferred. You can also carry it with you on vacations if you want. Additionally, its operations should also be easy to understand and should even be comprehended by someone who is not technically sound.

3)    Purpose:

Look at the features of the device carefully before buying. Do they fit your purpose? Devices will only be effective when they have the feature that fits your needs. So instead of going only after the latest features, you should choose the features that will suit your purpose. Look for auto shut down features as well. If you want a cleaning device, you can opt for trusted manufacturers like Hilsonic ultrasonic cleaner but if you want a therapeutic device then choose one that will remedy the particular problem that you have.

In addition to the above things, make sure you buy a device that has received favorable reviews from those who have used it as that is consumer guarantee.

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Legal help for victim of a mayhem

Mutilating a person or any other body part resulting in permanent damage is known as mayhem. Under UK common law it is a punishable offense. Top class solicitor services are therefore required by the defendant as well as a victim to prove their points in court. It is also one of the offenses which can lead to permanent disability of the body part mutilated or maimed. Considered as a felony in the UK the criminal definition of mayhem can only be understood by lawyers. Solicitors Guru can be regarded as online lawyer encyclopedia where all such lawyers can be found. Other laws can also affect the mayhem as defined in UK common law and therefore the offense can land the defendant in jail. If wrong representation is done on victim’s part then not only the case is dismissed but the victim can also land in jail for wasting court’s time. Hiring experienced lawyers or UK law firm is therefore very important as it can lead to exceptional results.

There are several types of mayhem. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

  • Aggravated mayhem
  • Maelstrom
  • Bedlam
  • Havoc
  • Structured mayhem

The above-mentioned types are treated under the same law as their occurrences are different and therefore they can lead to different imprisonments periods.

Hiring a lawyer to defend the case in court is a complex process. Mayhem can be proven easily by the victim as the damaged part is a proof that is to be presented in the court. The defendant in all such cases should be very vigilant and must hire the lawyer based on following traits. It is very important to get the right firm at disposal for effective representation. There is also a kind of insurance from money loss – read more about it in no win no fee approach research. Some points which should be considered are:

Effect of other laws

In the UK the battery can be merged with mayhem if the damage that has been done results in permanent disability. If this is the case then a vigilant approach is required to cross-examine the victim as well as witnesses if any. In all such cases, it is the only effective representation which should be done to get the work done. Lawyers hired must take into account all the issues which are related to the case to present it in a court of law. Mayhem can lead to false imprisonment which cannot be afforded by anyone.

Evidence examination

It is up to the police to present the evidence in court when it comes to mayhem. However, the evidence can tamper. Good criminal and mayhem lawyers take a systematic approach to representing the client in court. Such approach makes sure that the client can be either victim or defendant gets a representation which urges the court to make a decision based on evidence and justice. The witness examination can also be related to this. All witnesses produced in court by either party should be examined by the lawyers hired so that the wrongful charge is never made under any circumstances.

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