Parts of effective building management system

Parts of effective building management system

A Building Management System is computer controlled equipment that is installed in buildings to monitors different factors which are associated with it. It is a multipurpose hardware and software that is integrated to ensure that air-conditioning, ventilation, power based equipment and electricity is controlled in a manner that suits the inhabitants.  There are certain computer languages which are used to make up the software. Different circuits are used to make up the hardware of the system which works in a coordinated manner. Formerly it was not installed as a vital component of the building. However, it is now being used as one of the major components of buildings. There are certain factors which should be considered before the system is installed. Some of the factors are as under:

Configuration of BMS

It is one of the major factors which are to be considered before the installation is done. It is installed as a part of building services. The company should be well versed in all types and forms of BMS. It is the configuration that makes it possible for the owners to save time, cost and electricity bills. If the configuration is no done properly then the same system can waste energy. The lightening should also be included within the BMS to ensure that the reading it gives is almost accurate. The complete energy consumption is to be properly integrated within BMS to avoid any issue and trouble.

Data collection tools

As BMS is mostly used at the corporate level so proper data related tools should be integrated to make sure that the data collected presents facts. The top management can use this data to determine the future course of action. These tools must also be integrated successfully and properly. From security to digital data and from overall energy performance to HVAC management everything depends upon the BMS. This tool, in turn, depends on data collection tools which are integrated. Proper configuration of these tools is therefore necessary for the functioning.


The BMS is a highly efficient and effective system if it is configured properly. It means that all the related building systems can work effectively if proper reading on BMS is given. There are also certain factors which are minor. Energy efficiency is considered as one of the factors which are blurred when other factors come into play. Efficient BMS has a lot of potential and research is being done to make sure it works best in future. It is however only possible if true potential of BMS is unleashed by making it work properly.


BMS is the future for electrical building services companies as well as it will allow them to take a step further. These companies can make sure that client is guided in the best manner based on data collection from BMS. The need of the hour is to make sure that development of these systems is further fostered. According to some experts, BMS is in the initial phase of development. There is a lot more to come which can only be handled if this initial phase is passed successfully.